Are you time-challenged?
Pushed for cover over the holiday period?

You need an Office Genie!

  • Reduce stress and have more time to spend with family
  • Free yourself up to do the ‘real work’ – not spending hours on paperwork

Our Genies will look after all the financial record keeping that you don’t have time to do, including:  Payroll, Invoicing & Receipting, Managing Transactions, Expense Tracking, Debtors & Creditors, Preparing your GST Returns, PAYE & FBT – & filing on time, Financial Reporting, Club Grants & Funding Applications, Memberships….. they’re good at all office stuff – just ask!
Give Sandy or our team a call on (06) 345 3225 to discuss our special Genie prices …

Dates to remember:

Provisional Tax Payments:                 Due 15th January 2018

GST Return Dates:                               Due 15 January 2018

Provisional Tax Payments – Accounting Income Method (AIM)

If your annual turnover is less than $5 million there’s a new option available from 1 April 2018:  AIM (Accounting Income Method)                                                               You’ll be able to pay provisional tax six times a year – at the same time as GST payments. The payment is based on your actual ‘year-to-date’ results, & will match your payments to your cashflow as closely as possible.
Who will it work for?  New businesses, seasonal businesses and those who would rather pay in smaller, regular payments. (you can also get tax refunded if you’ve overpaid tax for the ‘year-to-date’). AIM won’t suit everyone – we’ll let you know if we think it’s a good idea for you. Give us a call if you want to know more ….

Vodafone Email Closure

Is your database up to date?  Vodafone email services with the following addresses closed on the 30th November:


If you rely on emails to send invoices and information to your customers, ensure your database has been updated with your customer’s new email addresses.    For more information, visit:

Wanganui Chamber of Commerce – are you a member?

Marianne Archibald has revitalized the Chamber.  She’s running so many interesting and exciting events – I’ll guarantee there’ll be something there that interests you in the coming months.  Check out Whanganui Chamber of Commerce on Facebook, or call Marianne on 06 345 0080. If you’re not already a member, make this your new year’s resolution!

Time for R & R

Christmas Hours:  Our Office will be closing from 5pm on Thursday 21st December and reopening on Monday 15th January.

If you have urgent matters that can’t wait:

Urgent Contact:
Prue Mobile:    027 5055618
Prue Home:     06 342 5886
Prue Email:


We wish you and your family a spectacular but safe Christmas and hope that Santa spoils you all!
It’s been another year of exciting challenges and there’s more to come!  Until next year….

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