As we move towards Alert Level 3, there are more guidelines being produced daily.  We’ve included the most recent links to resources on the COVID site – you might find these helpful as you prepare your systems & processes to work in the new environment:


And a warning: Beware of phishing scams. We are aware there has been a lot of scamming happening over the past few weeks.  It will increase as the IRD begins releasing tax refunds.  NEVER supply information via email to the IRD.  All matters concerning the IRD are negotiated or discussed via secure mail through MyIR. The IRD will never ask you for bank account details, debit or credit card details via email.  Similarly, they will never advise the amount of a refund you will receive via email.  Their advice is produced via an ‘Assessment’, not an email.  Please be very aware the scammers are out there in large numbers.  If in any doubt about an email you receive, please contact us. 

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